Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Uuhs and Aahs of Today.

Hellos my friends.
Santa is visiting my neighborhood tonight. I came home from work this evening and found a decorated Christmas tree outside my door with extra lights and ornaments in a box. I wish I knew about this Santa when I was younger, my wish list would have made a booklet. I actually still don't understand the whole Santa deal, but I'm happy about the early present. Thoughtful of you Patricia, I love the tree. I know for sure there is a God who feeds the birds in the air and keeps his eye on the sparrow. He can't go wrong with our wish list. In fact, he sorts our toys and eliminates those that may contain lead which could be harmful to us. And of coarse the kids that we are, we get upset with him. Poor us.
Ok, enough of the sermon.
Something else happened today, well several things. I set my alarm last night for 8am but as usual I was able to reset it this morning in my sleep to give myself a few more minutes and of coarse didn't wake up until 10 minutes to 9am. This is my morning routine. My morning sleep is one thing I can't exchange for anything, and I mean anything. Not even the wifely duties. Well, I got to office before my boss did, and that was an aah (I sigh). I had taken a couple days off so my desk was a total mess especially if you work with the messiest boss ever known to man. I hope he doesn't read this but if he does, I would like him to know that he's the best boss I have ever had or known. Another uuh came during my lunch break, one of our clients brought us fudge and I could repeat the aahs and uuhs as it melted in my mouth, I now kind of understand the whole chocolate fetish, I think it's real. Long story short, I went to a Christmas dinner party, though I was late, I found a few pieces of bread for appetizer and just before I got to them, the waitress took the plate and exchanged it for a big platter of I don't know what it was, Something with cheese and chicken., but it was delicious. The cheese and chocolate cake for dessert gave the whole dinner a kick. Then "the pick or steal a present" game came on. We all picked numbers and I was number 12, No one stole the other's present until Brian opened the Frog hamper. Paul immediately stole it from him, one strike. Then I stole it from Paul, second strike. I almost left as soon as I got it because I had just got a home for my dirty clothes I left on my bedroom floor, Uuh, awesome. Then number 14 stole it from me, third and last strike, I couldn't steal it back. I wish I had gone home with my last pleasure of today. Santa is still in my neighborhood, I at least went home with something, a decorative plate. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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