Thursday, November 26, 2009

My lost love, the stranger.

My lost love, the stranger.
I greet you all my friends. I hope you have had a fairly good to a very good year as it winds up. I count all my blessings even when there is been little to write home about lately.
I was pondering on the list of things I could have potentially kept in my journal and L.O.V.E kept popping up. Those who have rubbed shoulders with me can testify on my undivided commitment to that word but sadly, time has diluted and robbed some of it. L.O.V.E is such an ambiguous thing; I purposely give it no definition for the sake of avoiding a debate but highly associate it with kindness. Relax; I will not unleash all my love life here but just this one intriguing bit.
I read his letters and my heart feels a warmth indescribable, I listen to his voice and the face lights up. I try to resist the tempestuous feeling of passion until it overcomes me and I hide safely under the wings of HOPE (This could be it, "feeling"). A very good feeling, never felt before and yet anxiety inducing, bittersweet for lack of a better word. I enjoy painting a picture of his face and person in my head. Any color of beautiful, I use and make myself a perfect picture. God fearing, very elegant, kind, patient, attractive, intelligent, non-judgmental, faithful, enterprising etc, he fits them all until I meet or get to know him , he is non of the above. My love, the stranger, I lost him too until the next suitor, a stranger, my new love.

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  1. You are a gifted writer, I always asked you to comment on my writing little did I know you write such deep articles keep it up!!