Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bits from April.

Hello and a good month to everybody. Mine has been nothing but a nightmare of work work work, a harrowing one to be exact, hopefully the paycheck finds me sane. I can however, see a ray of success following this project I am working on and I will tell you all about it later.

The last you heard from me was in April and I was preparing for a vacation in the pearl of Africa. Lots of stories from then till today but I can only tell you bits and pieces.
It was just around the Iceland volcano eruption, so my flight was canceled until 5days later. I was very disappointed but also thought it a blessing in-disguise to be more prepared. Like most women, up until 3am on my departure day I was not ready. I'm not the fancy kind but I thought I would be doing America a disservice appearing to my folks as if I was coming from the deepest of my village, so I had stayed up all night polishing my nails (actually fake nails)and ironing the hair. The nails never made it off the plane; they all came off as I hustled with the luggage changing flights.
I had a lay over in Amsterdam, for some reason I got a rush of fear. Somewhat strange, considering it had been a long time since I last saw my family and friends, fear is the last emotion to feel but excitement. In fact, if it was not for my dear sister's wedding, I had to be in; I contemplated on not following through.
I was scared of the unknown,(actually known to me), maybe someday I'll have the freedom to write a book about those fears that I've have slowly conquered.
Well, I finally made it home, lots of family and friends awaited me, lots of food, changes and not forgetting the heat and the dust. Most of my friends already married with children or on that route. It was different but good
Except the last week, when I caught Malaria, I enjoyed my 5-week vacation, mostly my sister's wedding.
Even though I was happy vacationing, enjoying being waited on, I had to come back "home", heads on with a pile of bills.
As I waved goodbye to my folks, I thought of people who immigrate to different parts of the world. With all the pleasure to experience the diversity of both worlds, there is also the pressure to fit in both worlds and later on find a sense of true belonging. The thought gave birth to my latest project, to find ways of uniting and supporting immigrants in my community establish themselves, share the beauty of our culture and belong. Any suggestions? Have a good one.