Saturday, April 10, 2010


Good evening all my friends. I hope you can still allow me to call you my friends after abandoning you for over a month. I beseech to be pardoned. Brich, forgive me for promising you air last weekend. I can make a list of excuses. The very truth is that I have been preparing for my vacation and I did not want to write anything without according it ample attention.
It's 12 midnight and I just came home from a very long day to a house that looks like it's just been hit by a tornado. Not planning on doing a thing except pull a sheet over my head and enjoy the state of unconsciousness yet alive,I stumbled over the clutter of my unpacked stuff on the floor.I clenched onto the dressing mirror for support and came face to face with my image.I must say, for a second I liked what I saw. In a loud thought, I whispered, God must not look bad since I'm in his own image; And so you are all.

Enough Blabbering. Up until I stumbled I was not sure what to write and then I thought I should share with you my preparation for my vacation. Among so many things I was concerned about was to find someone to sublet my apartment while I am gone so I advertised it a couple months ago.I finally found a good fit, a young woman and her boyfriend.They were in Japan so we made plans to meet as soon as they arrived in the country. Not that it's important but I was curious about their ethnicity so I could make appropriate changes but thought it rather awkward to ask. Well, They called last week for us to finally meet. I stayed up till 3am clearing out my junk, managed to put it all away but saved the thorough cleaning for the next day. Immediately after work I went shopping for a few things to give the house a better viewing, like flowers, lamp shade, fruit basket and whatever else to make it fancy. I drove home like a mad woman, went straight for the duster.I had not even taken off the shoes and they knocked on my door. I invited them into the house, apologised countless times for not being very prepared. They were very generous with their kind comments of how the apartment looked very nice bla bla bla....I really liked them,more so, they had company of a soft spoken fine young man.(Just appreciating God's creation, you know!!).Later after they had gone, I checked my account balance and I had over withdrawn my account to buy the flowers that I did not necessarily need. I have continued to learn that beauty has nothing to do with material because, I saw the beautiful image of Christine at her worst, after long hours of work, the meekness of the young man who accompanied my guests,the clutter-free apartment without the fancy accessories.I don't mean to say that accessorising is not a good idea but just being able to see beauty without the fancy.
I love my house sitting couple. Their ethnicity didn't matter after all. And I love you all.