Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last (for now) of "Behind the Twist'

Hello my friends. I hope you had a fruitful week unlike mine. Maybe not that unfruitful but definitely perished my lustful dreams including but not limited to a job at PATH. (PATH is an international nonprofit organization that creates sustainable, culturally relevant solutions, enabling communities worldwide to break longstanding cycles of poor health).
Okay, here we go with the last part of “Behind the Twist" until I am in a romantic mood again. I love you all and thanks for reading.

Princess please, it doesn't hurt to try, her best friend Cissy begged. You know I would rather stay home and watch a movie or something. Everything about jazz reminds me of Nick and I hate to relieve that short lived vacation romance. Folding the dress over her left arm, Cissy sat on the chair opposite, you are coming with me tonight and we are going to put a stop to this Nick dismal. Besides he's not dead, so, no reason to mourn him, and don't you start your guilty trips already, You had to return to work, thank heavens he pulled out of that coma and I don't blame him for his decision to stay back in Africa.
Cissy managed to convince Princess to go dancing instead. We'll skip the Jazz after the dance class and we'll be back before you know it.
Okay, Princess dragged herself off the couch, took the dress and a few minutes later emerged as stunning as ever.
The dancing instructors smoothly moved in the studio, as if dreaming with their feet. The gloom on Princess' face rested with her purse as she gently handed it to Cissy when one of the male instructors asked her to dance. She was still orienting herself to the most romantic and sensual of all Latin dances, Rumba when a familiar face appeared from nowhere. Cissy had invited a friend of theirs, Alex. They had not seen much of him in the last six months as he wrapped up his graduate school.
Nice to see you Alex, Princess excused herself from the instructor's grip. It is fine, he released her hand as he yelled, group lesson starts in 5minutes.
You are looking great girl; Alex gave her a squeeze hug. Princess smiled, you don't look bad at all yourself. They chatted a little and joined the group and stood next to Cissy.
The class went on for an hour, interchanging partners throughout, followed by the usual dancing party. Alex and Princess finally got a chance to dance together without being disrupted.
The music flowed from the lively and flirtatious cha cha to smooth waltz and so on. They held tight, rested on each others cheeks, they swayed and span, turned and traveled, they had nothing but fun.
Cissy sat at the bar watching the pair dance. She then rewarded herself with another shot of baileys for a successful set up. There is no doubt either of them would quickly forget this experience, Cissy thought to herself.
From the look of things, there would be no need to set them up again; nature would lead them to another date.

There's no better place to fall in love than the dance floor. -Christine
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance. -Author Unknown

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2nd part - Behind the twist

This would be my last beautiful Tuesday evening before I go back to work. Lily was out of town for a workmate’s funeral, Diana gone home, done for the day and Nick out with his friends, I think. I decided to take a book with me to bed to distract my wondering “heathen” mind. I also vaguely worried about Nick staying out till late as he had said he would be home to watch the show- Dancing with the Stars at 8pm.
Stoically ignoring the tempting urge to swallow an anti-anxiety pill as prescribed 30 minutes before dreaded activity, I quickly abandoned the idea and tossed the medicine bottle in the drawer. Even distracting myself in the imagination of having warm arms around me seemed impossible; it was as though I was never going to escape from this constant nightmare on constant rewind. What excuse will I come up with, this time? We had cuddled all night, yesterday and I knew he would try to advance on me again today.
I hopelessly laid in bed, hoping against all hopes, that I would miraculously embrace him and eventually give in to his seemingly burning desire to make me the happiest.
I had almost dozed off when I heard a knock on my bedroom. Come in.
Nick stood crookedly at the door as if posing on the runway. Do you sleep with the lights on? He asked. No, I dozed off. When did you come back? I didn’t hear the gate open. Helping himself to a seat on my dresser bench, he leaned on his elbow and rested his beardless chin in his palm. I took extra care not make any noise in-case you were sleeping but I can see you are still awake.
That was thoughtful of you. I was reading the last chapter of this book before I dozed off. He loosened his neck tie, I should leave you go to sleep then,I saw the lights on and thought I should come say goodnight. Before I could say anything, he stood up again, leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and quickly but gently rubbed my cheek as if wiping the kiss off. Walking toward the door he whispered. Good night princess.
Goodnight Nick. I watched him close the door behind him as I slowly smoothed my eyebrows. My sleepy head was blank except for the repeated echo, goodnight princess, goodnight princess goodnight princess……

Until now I had been playing hard to get for suitors. I was doing a really bad job this time around. I had not just let this suitor in my borrowed bedroom but also in my little head. I caught myself delegating myself to the chores of a typical sweetheart.
Hey Nick, breakfast is ready when you are; he had his head buried in his suitcase. I took a few steps into his room and leaned against the wall. Do you have anything for ironing? I’m going to iron my blouse while you take a shower. He pulled out a black t-shirt and a blue stripped shirt, holding them up, which one? He asked. Hmmm, How about a short sleeve and not black because it is going to be over 90 degrees today. He buried his head in the suitcase again, Thanks for fixing breakfast, I’ll be there in a minute, he mumbled.
I sipped on my cup of coffee as I perused through the closet consciously looking for a sexy outfit which in my world usually looks like I’m going for a cooperate meeting.
I finally emerged ready to leave for town and Nick was outside smoking a cigarette. He came around and held the car door open for me. Thanks. You know smoking is not good for your health Nick. He strapped his seat belt and admittedly, nodded. I know, but you know how it is when you have smoked almost all your life. No, I don’t but I sure know you can quit if you decide to. With the wryest smile he nervously glanced at me. You are right. I need to quit.
It’s so weird the little things he does that I find incredibly cute. The way he flips his hair, it’s so sexy, very gentle and calculated. Sometimes he sounds like he’s hesitating to speak his mind and he sounds awkward. I aint so sure if this is a correct observation but it’s sexy anyway that he doesn’t assert the, “I’ll fix it” ego of most men.
There’s this sparkle in his eyes, kind of innocent and yet you know there is experience of a “bad” lover boy.
I’m not so sure what it is but I think I love this feeling of warmth and anticipation that beats my skeptical, insecure and tainted optimism.
Hellooooo, your seat-belt, I need to get you to your destination in one piece. He interrupted my thinking process, fading my winsome smile.

Nick, The best Voice Impressionist I have ever known. I remember him slamming the brakes at a STOP sign. he was distracted, busy imitating someone we both knew and I was laughing so hard. And the next thing I knew, I was laying on a hospital bed, all wrapped up in bandages. Did he make it? I wondered.

To be continued

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Behind the twist

Maybe no one comes to this blog anymore, I will still write just in case one person stumbles here. For those that checked from time to time, I am really sorry I let you down. I am now pledging to keep you coming back and sharing in my little rants and raves.
If I were to imagine me as part of a production crew, I would be the continuity person but a lot has happened since I really wrote my stories. They have piled up that I might need a therapist to help me disentangle them. I should also confess that it was therapeutic to offload here.
Anyhow, where do I start now? Okay,I know you forgot all I about last year but I'll take you aback alittle. Last year in November, I produced the Northwest African Queen Pageant in Washington state and It was a great success.

It was kinda of nice to finally take a hard earned vacation from work and projects, so I attempted to write a romantic short story which I wanted to share with you today. Who knows, I might be a novelist in my next life.

It was now nigh to a couple weeks post my hospital electives. I stretched in Lilly’s cozy love chair thinking on how I would thank her for letting me lodge in her house for almost 2months. I had a wonderful work- vacation ever, eating the authentic African food, soaking up the heat from the equator and not forgetting the pampering from Lilly’s maid, Diane.
Nick, a child-hood friend of Lilly came to stay at the house for the remaining part of his vacation before he returned to the plummeted temperatures of North America.
The first couple days were gruesome uncomfortable. I wished he’d come to stay when Lilly was still on her annual leave. We now stayed in the house looking at everything but ourselves like two stranger little kids scared of each other. We were not entirely strangers since we had attended the same elementary school but never really got acquainted.

He gave me a ride, this one morning and I decided to break the ice. I honestly don’t remember the content, just cheap talk to break the silence. I remember though, looking carefully below my eye-glasses to see if he at least showed any slightest interest in the fact that there was a young, beautiful woman in the passenger’s seat. It did not seem the case, only calm, focused and awfully cute eyes when caught me staring at him. Our eyes had locked and sooner or later something would be unlocking.
He got me to my destination and as I walked away from the car, I had this feeling that I had opened up a can of worms, harmless ones though.

Nick finished using the tub in my bedroom and sat on my bed for some cheap talk. I accused him of being shy; he smiled, and jumped onto the bed. Let’s see who is shy now. He whispered something like, "you are hot" in my ear as he crawled up on top of me to my waist.
Then he started to unbutton my Zebra-print night shirt.
I was lying down staring up at him as if it is a dream. Looking straight in his brown eyes, He flipped back his long twisted hair with technique and run his hands through. He then eased himself lying straight on top of my lower extremities. He stared right at me like he wanted to steal my brain. Trying so hard to keep breathing amidst the arousal, I shyly looked away. I immediately made an impulsive decision that I would stay still and watch. He lowered his body onto his elbows and his soft breath gave me the most disturbing sensation that my body was floating in the air. I bit the side of my lip, desperately hoping my body would not betray me again.
He must have perceived my uncontrollably shaking thighs to be a sign of excitement but he quickly realized it was nothing he‘d seen before. The smile on his face softly faded and he could not fathom the rejection in my eyes other than he was probably coming on too hard. He had waited for days and taken his advances quite slowly, he must have been thinking. He gently moved over and laid next to me to the right.
What was he doing? He should simply put his vest back on and go lodge in a hotel for the remaining couple of weeks. He turned to say good bye I supposed and the tears on my cheeks got to him – reached past his usual brick wall defenses.
Hey, what’s wrong? He asked. Knowing that my strange response to a harmless advance was queer and uncommunicative as was my usual habit, I fought the tears back but the burden of my familiar and yet unexplainable tormented thoughts could not go away.
He asked again. What is it? Chocking on my tears and the lump in my throat, I cleared my voice, nothing much, only that I’m not up to the task and I am kind of embarrassed.
I was so troubled to realize that I was pushing away the only thing that for a few minutes had made my body weightless. I had literally felt the ground shifting beneath me.
Was I going to walk away like a cripple I now had become?
I think it’s more than that but it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it now. And he looked back up straight at the ceiling.
“Well, then….” Nick hesitatingly, retrieved his vest under the bed covers already. I could stay here a little while if you will allow me, missy.”
You may stay as long as you do not climb over this mountain, I laid straight two pillows in-between us.
He tossed several times, my guess is, he was restraining himself from the temptation of getting his lean tight arms around my waist.
I knew I had to hold him so tight before I let him slip away. He seemed to relax from the cuddling, I knew then I had to deal with the monster in me before it consumed me forever.
It had been years I last shared a bed with male specie without questioning the idea.
Like I tell my roommate every morning, I slept like a princess, not worrying about a thing, like there were angels watching over me.

To be continued..