Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello my dear friends. Good week to all of you. Time really flies. The holidays are around the corner, it feels like yesterday as we sat around the fire place on Christmas morning opening presents, with Prissy(cat) hopping from one lap to another, extending her little chin for a kiss,(don't say eewwh), She's adorable not the mice catching type. For those of you who did not get presents, I have one for you this year, just leave me a private message.
The title of this post may suggest that I know a whole lot about Fashion and/or style. I am sorry to disappoint you because I hardly know anything about anything, but I know so much about my taste and just for your eyes and ears, I was once told that I had style by a guy who clearly wanted more than a firm handshake, but we can give him a benefit of doubt.
Why fashion and Style? Well, don't we all wake up and get some clothes on? Don’t we enjoy it when people compliment us even when it is only courteous or they want something from us? Of coarse we do.
I would care less about fashion because it almost ruined my life.
Several months ago, I had made quite a bit of money so I decided to treat myself to a dress that was being advertised. The magazine or the show host, I do not remember which one called it “Steal Jessica Simpson's look for less", the look was dead gorgeous but the price, wallet breaking. What a heck, I thought to myself, I burst myself working hard, I need to quit the charity stores and catch the fashion epidemic. I went out and bought two dresses at a totally insane price, I had to put some on credit. Enough money to feed my whole village a couple of days. I invited myself to a lame theater show just to show off my Jessica Simpson's look. I had about half an hour to the show, so I decided to start on my laundry. I run the water on it as I gently perused my closet for the dress. I went back to the laundry to be sure the clothes were soaking well and I saw my dress in there. I quickly picked it out and the leather belt had bled all over it. The tag clearly read DRY CLEAN ONLY. It was too ruined to ever be worn. I did not just loose the dress, or the money I bought the ticket but had to work extra hours to repair my depleted account in the name of fashion. Fashion is so ugly that it has to be altered now and again. Therefore, I base my fashion taste on what will not itch, leave me too cold or too hot and give me enough room to eat and laugh.
My free advice, you can still look dead gorgeous for less. I will never forsake my charity stores again and fabulous I shall look.


  1. “Fashion is so ugly that it has to be altered now and again” Christine Asiimwe. Wow!! Used the quote already and gave credit reference.

    You need to wear more often, that that never, goes out of fashion, loses its sheen, colour or sparkle.
    Please wear your smile.

  2. Nice to see a change of the wall of your blog. Now i do have to strain my eyes too much.

  3. wow..this is beautiful