Monday, October 19, 2009


Hello my friends, I have missed you, I salute you all.
I have not been at my best in the last several weeks but I'm sure doing better than many in the world so I can't complain. I hope you enjoy reading my disconnect.

At first I’m not sure if I have seen correctly, Oh yes, I have. The strip has two red lines, I’m pregnant! Maybe not an exciting story for some of you but if you ask me, this one is.
Why now? Thinking loudly, I don't have a good grip on my career and as if that's not bad enough, ends are barely meeting. Well, what did I expect for not refilling the pill?
My husband comes back from work, his face so pale from a long day and the cold temperature of Fall, I can't help but feel sorry for the burden of another dependant coming his way and the nagging 9 months landlord of our little tenant I might become, like most pregnant women you know. He looks at me gracefully and assures me that whatever is bothering me is going to be okay. Months fly by and before we know it, I’m pushing with all my might to finally evict my little tenant. Every time I turn and look at my husband, I can see how a wonderful father he is going to be. Such a graceful heart, soft and strong hands to cushion the baby, a responsible and exciting dad a child could ever ask for. My eyes though weary, faintly beam with delight; all of a sudden I’m a proud mother. (I skipped a bunch of events in between). My husband had been working on a project that had finally rewarded him handsomely, so, financially secure, a new born baby, a beautiful wife, he can’t get his hands off me and trust me, my real husband will not enjoy watching that scene of the movie unless I don’t take the role. Nice script though.


  1. You really had me eyes almost popped out of my head. keep them coming. take care

  2. When i was getting so taken up ,it ENDS!A good end to my long monday

  3. You got me so gooood! And I was thinking 'all this time this gal didn't tell me!@#$%^&'. Good one, cheers.

  4. Ok, this one scared the daylights out of be honest...i need stability of heart and if you keep writing things like this, i may have a raptured artery