Friday, January 15, 2010

New year resolutions

New Year resolutions

Happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you all.

The year is still brand new and most people including myself are happy to have kissed last year goodbye. In 2009, I met a girl who was struggling to finish her Masters programme. I'm sure there those who were struggling to finish elementary, high school and college. I met several people who had just lost their jobs; I met others whose salaries had been cut because of the economy, including my sister who was told that "when America sneezes, the world catches a cold". I met a family which was falling apart leading to a divorce and another family whose head of the family and the sole bread winner was dying of a liver cancer. I also met a mother whose son had been taken to juvenile jail. The list goes on and on. It was one of those years that tested my personal strength as a hard working young woman. It was as if I was chasing wind or worse still, pushing a wall. Alas, it's over and done away with. It's gone and only hoping it takes with it it's troubles and hardships leaving us with a peaceful 2010. Unfortunately, life is not that kind. We only have ourselves to be kind to us, so what are we going to do with the gift of life in a new year? I'm sure you all have To do lists written down, or inscribed somewhere in your mind. This is your time to shine even if it takes the next several years. Do not despise small beginnings. The rise starts now. Over the years, I committed myself to big resolutions that I definitely never followed through with, so this God given year I have resolved to make daily baby steps.

10 tips for a better year.

1. Get enough sleep
2. Eat at least 2 meals a day
3. Drink plenty of water as if your life depends on it because it does.
4. Smile, smile, smile. It is an ultimate anti-depressant, world peace starts with just that one smile, it makes you look more beautiful and if you run a business, it will definitely increase your sales.
5. Waste not your precious energy on the negative. It's not okay to worry because it doesn't help. No one wants to attend a pity party. It's okay though to be concerned and to find solutions. When things run out of hand, STOP! take a deep breath and count one to ten allowing yourself to think, act or react rationally
6. Rearrange your priorities at any given chance especially when at crossroads. It could be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. It makes it easy to make decisions on how to spend your time, your energies and your money.
7. Do yourself a favor, don't smoke your life away, and drink your self to stupor. If it's for fun, the morning will not be fun because the hangover awaits. If it's to escape troubles, whenever you are done, they will still be there unless you actually do something other than add on more troubles. They don't call them cancer sticks for nothing.
8. Money, technology, fame and fortune will not take care of you when you are sick and old but friends, family and even strangers will, so treat everyone with respect. You just never know.
9. Get off your butt and do something. Someone has to sow for anything to grow. We reap what we sow. Even if you do not feel up to anything, (you gotta do what you gotta do)
10. Get enough sleep( Please try it, you'll be amazed the value of resting)


11. Before you go to bed complete the sentence: I am thankful for__________.

I wish you a better year than last year.


  1. Dear Asiimwe, allow me go by your family name.

    This is so pretty a message.It makes alot of sense, with indepth thinking and well articulated.Very educative and alot to learn from the 11-Annual point programme (resolutions) tips.

    I a gree with you making baby steps and grow bigger other than being ambitious in our resolutions.I use that route too and makes alot of sense.I will see iif i can sleep as required.

    Keep up the good ideas flowing and flowing.
    Blessings in 2010 & beyond,

    University for Peace
    Costa Rica

  2. Hi Tina. I loved this post. I have to work on getting some more sleep. I tend to be that person that takes the laptop to bed. And get off my butt and just do things! That's important. Sometime one needs to just start in order to get inspiration.