Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's 1:24am and no stratagem to kick off this weeks post but from my daily sermon, I preach to myself; You will not get anything done unless you get off your butt. I definitely had decided one of my many unending stories to tell you but my left rotator cuff will not let me do it and now I can't remember which of the stories I had decided on, except try to figure out how I hurt myself.

Well, it's not just my shoulder injured but my memory too. I can blame it on being busy, God knows with what. Anyways, take good care of yourselves my friends because we get so busy and forget the little things that keep us fit and healthy, like a hearty healthy breakfast, a very good night rest. Oh I feel like indulging. I'll set an example now, go to sleep and I'll tell you all about it here in a few. Later my friends.


  1. This time it was not a dream – but it was such an odd series of events –I could have sworn, it was a dream. If it was a dream, the rocky start notwithstanding – I can only hope that I am resting very comfortably and soothing in my bed and that I am in no rush to wake up – because this particular dream world is one I wish to stay in and explore a bit further.

    On August 2, I wrote about of the experience of the young and enchanting gentleman who charmed my sleeping dream. Well, if truth really be stranger then fiction – then my dream and waking state need no longer serve as contradiction.

    On August 10th, the hoodlum-like gentleman caller came back into my office. He tried to provide some haphazard reasoning of the previous night’s events – as if any amount of suave talk could charm those haunting memories from my traumatized thoughts. Before he could really get deep into detail – I told him firmly that I wanted nothing to do with him and how deeply disappointed I was. Surprisingly, he didn’t put up a fight – he just took my hand – kissed it gently and exited the center with unexpected grace and poise. Later that day, a bouquet of roses arrived. To be honest, as romantic as the roses may sound – I was a bit unnerved, the card was signed nothing but “truly yours” and I had no way of knowing if some random, undesirable stranger had perhaps taken an unhealthy liking to me. My unrest was soon intensified when the same gentleman caller as earlier had returned once again – to lay claim to his advances – and soon as I started to protest – he began to sing to me, yes – right there in the center. I was conflicted between emotions of seething anger while fighting against a deeper wave of “melt” from within me, due in no small part I’m sure – to his harmonious voice and melodic, if not sweetly haunting caroling. It was almost as if the sound of his voice alone was touching parts of me and soothing my cares and making me lose myself in the moment – no matter how much I may have struggled against the same.

    My spirit caved and I felt almost as if I had no choice but to listen to his apology and give greater consideration to his words. I’m not sure what came over me to be honest – I think in that moment – he might have tried to sell me a method to walk on water for which I’d have gladly emptied my account and invested in his treasures. Without trifling in this blog over whatever details he gave at the time – suffice to say, I decided – even if against my better judgment, to give him a second chance.

  2. Mr. Kali. This was an excellent Improv. I'm not sure though if he deserves this second chance. Good job.