Saturday, September 5, 2009

My very good friend, Nicole, once said that I'm a piece of work, definitely not something I paid attention to. I took some time today to reflect on the things I dreamt of doing and the list was endless. Entangled in my youthful ambitions, exploring opportunities and putting my abilities to test,not a piece of cake. Like my friend Gerald, I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up. I don't mean to wash my dirty linen in public but it's part of not being grown up yet. Well, I don't remember anyone asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I can barely remember what I had for lunch, so maybe someone did ask.
I always loved music dance and drama, not the exceptional kid on the block, but was damn good in those folk songs and dances. At about 14-15 years, I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I would make a good doctor, I'm a nurturer, I love to care for those in need, I am kind and all the goody "doctor" qualities but i sucked at biology. It was just around this time that I had become a christian even with a church minister for a father, it took me that long to take a grip. Well, my "inwit" was, that whatever I believed , I would get ,do or conquer. (I'm miss that baby faith).
I was offered a combination of history, economics, divinity and Music (This is in the part of the world where someone decides what you should study), And I still hoped to go to medical school with that combination of classes, you can't beat that "daftness" but faith I call it. Long story short, I finished high school, got a government sponsorship for a bachelor of arts in music, I tried to change to drama, in vain. My ardor for medical school was so intense that I couldn't tell the difference of a simple key G from key F# in the music aural class. I woke up one morning and shamelessly, went to the nearest nursing school as a point of entry in the field and literally begged for admission. The registrar ordered me out of her office and holding back the tears, chocking with passion and desparacy, I reassured her that I would be the best nurse there would ever be and I wasn't going to leave her office without an admission letter. She ignored me for a moment, started rearranging papers on her desk and then she pulled out a couple of papers from the pile and handed them to me, to fill out.The rest is history, I graduated as a registered nurse 3 years later. Not the zenith of my career, but fairly accomplished.
Thus far my guts got me, still hoping to be a Ben Carson of my generation, I decided to do something more fun in the summer to distract my obsession and alas I remembered the the option of drama that I was denied , so I decided to spend a few bucks for acting classes. The same Christine with enthusiasm and devotion to be the best at whatever I do, I prepared a 3minutes monologue for homework , practiced all night like my life depended on it. For a second, I thought I could be an actress when I finally grow up, Maybe not, because I forgot half of the words on the d-day. So pissed at myself, I showed up at work this morning with a long face and a lamp of disappointment in my throat and thank heavens for doctors, my boss offered to look in my throat and examine me , just in case I'm coming down with an illness. Poor him, his nurse is a piece of work. I agree with Nicole.


  1. You are very silly Christine

  2. mmmh your writing is intresting expecially about your ambitions.keep it up.Anne