Sunday, August 2, 2009

My mind is like a sea of thoughts, I couldn't wait till morning to share my long awaited oppurtunity that finally knocked on my door. Why I have to waste my precious sleep amusing myself writing to the annonymous, I can't comprehend but it's sure better than lying on my supine , turning lateral, prone, supine again itching to tell any ear that cares to listen. Ok, I won't waste any more of your time, I'm so itching to tell.
It's finally end of school year and even if I was sad to leave my friends that I had tried so hard to make, I was also excited to have free time to do fun things like watching as many movies as I could get my hands on. For all the years I've watched movies, it was not until recently that I could tell Beyonce from Jennifer Lopez, so it was not unusual that I didn't recognise this rare, wonderfully and fearfully made actor that appeared in a couple of them that I watched. A very fine man I must say and a good actor too. Preety soon I was watching his movies everyday. I spread the gospel of this cute guy to all my girlfriends.
I silently fantasised meeting him in person. Just like ever meeting Barak. Can you imagine entering a room and meeting with Barak? I wonder what I would do. Well, I finally met this fair skin , muscular, tall , neat actor , I was stuck to my chair. My chin dropped, my mouth gaped, and my extremities were cyanosed and numb. I couldn't feel a thing, I frooze. He was on the phone all this while, my guess is , it must have been good news because his smile lit up the whole space as he walked towards me. I jumped up from my seat like there were pins and needles and wondering what to do next, he saved me the trouble and stretched out his hand . I was thrilled, excited , overjoyed, name it and I walked closer for a hand shake and damn it, my alarm clock went off. I was dreaming.


  1. Hmm, sorry Christine. I'm sure you'll get the chance again.Just don't set the clock,lol.

  2. been their, done that

  3. You should try writing fiction..or adventure novels..your stuff is so u could say yo life story is like reading an interesting novel..emma