Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wish you the best of July.

Salute salute mes amis. My attempt to write a short, love "novel" took it's last breath today. I like to put my imagination to work. I just realized how frozen my imaginations have been recently. Before I would give the "I am busy" excuse but this time it would be a total lie since I have been out of work. I actually take it back, it's full time work looking for work.
Well, It's been a little frustrating tweaking my resume several times everyday to fit all the applications and that's not a good place to play the romantic novelist but at the least I can use this medium as a journal.
It's been so hard to fall a sleep in the last month and I found myself relieving my college memories every night as I struggled with insomnia. I got stuck at the this one time I was asking God to help me make a decision while on crossroads. I tried to remember how I eventually reached the decision I had made and really couldn't remember much except I thought I had the mustard seed-faith that I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt, it would send mt Kilimanjaro packing. The decision I made then turned out to be disastrous but I still admire the faith I had in God, in me and in possibilities.
Growing up( physically , emotionally and professionally) brings along experiences and for me that experience has tainted my optimism. Not entirely but enough to remind me of the old saying " Growing up is tough". Have a happy July.It is my birth month and I am hoping to be "born- again". I am going to take it easy on growing up as a birthday present to myself. Chao, have fun.

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